Tyler Texas Online Tyler Texas Vintage Postcard Collection

Tyler Texas Vintage Postcard Collection

Postcards represent yet another media, in addition to text, stories and photographs, that enables us to visualize, and remember, the past.

Knowing the value that such vintage cards possess in documenting the past of Tyler and East Texas, we have assembled a small collection of historic postcards, and present them on this website.

Thus, this section attempts to build a more complete collection depicting the architecture of Tyler and East Texas during the first 50-60 years of the 20th Century.

We have included on this website a number of historic postcards dealing with Tyler's past, such as motels, government buildings, street scenes, homes, businesses, churches and schools.

It is hoped that its availability will provide another media contributing to the enjoyment and edification of those of you with Tyler and East Texas connections.

Greetings from Tyler Texas ... vintage picture postcard

Tyler Vintage Postcards

Parks &
Street Scenes

Tyler Texas vintage postcards: parks and street scenes


Tyler Texas vintage postcards: businesses


Tyler Texas vintage postcards: homes

Hotels & Motels

Tyler Texas vintage postcards: hotels and motels


Tyler Texas vintage postcards: government buildings

Churches, Schools
& Hospitals

Tyler Texas vintage postcards: churches, schools and hospitals


Tyler Texas vintage postcards: roses and the rose industry

East Texas

East Texas vintage postcard collection


Aerial View of the Skyline of Tyler, Texas, "The Rose Garden of America"
Aerial View of the Skyline of Tyler, Texas, "The Rose Garden of America"