Rose Rudman Recreational Trail

Rose Rudman Trail, Tyler TexasRose Rudman Recreational Trail, Tyler, Texas (TylerTexasOnline staff photo)

For walking, jogging, biking or roller-blading, Tyler's Rose Rudman Recreational Trail is a perfect venue for a short stroll or a long hike.

The trails are also a great spot for picnics, or quiet time, at locations such as Southside Park located just south of the intersection of Shiloh Road and Donnybrook Avenue.

Access to the trails, and parking, is available at numerous locations.

The Tyler trail system currently encompasses four segments:

  • Rudman Loop Trail - 1.2 miles
  • Southside Trail - 1/2 mile
  • Creekside Trail - 3/4 mile
  • Grande Trail - 1 3/4 miles

On the northeast segment of the trail is the Tyler Cancer Bell and Pavilion.

This is a place of honor and remembrance for cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. The pavilion features an antique bronze bell cast in Troy, New York, in 1856, which trail visitors are encouraged to ring.

Other Bike Paths in Tyler

Additional trails are located at Tyler's Faulkner Park. Also, the Tyler City Council agreed in April, 2012, to support the creation and extension of signed bicycle routes on McDonald Road, Donnybrook Avenue and Old Omen Road, with potentially more pathways to come.

Other Outdoor Activities in Tyler

Tyler has a wide range of places to see and things to do year-round. Tyler's mild climate provides an ideal environment for outdoor activities and recreation. Learn more about Tyler's outdoor and recreational opportunities, swimming pools, golf courses, lakes and more!

For more information, visit the City of Tyler's Rudman Trail website which includes a map of the trails.

Rose Rudman Trail Photographs

Rose Rudman Trail, at Shiloh Road
Rose Rudman Trail, at Shiloh Road

Rose Rudman Trail, Tyler Texas
Rose Rudman Trail, Tyler Texas

Southside Park, Tyler, Texas
Southside Park, Tyler, Texas

South Tyler Trails
South Tyler Trails


Tyler City Parks

The City of Tyler currently operates a vast array of 26 parks. Shown below is a listing. For details, maps, and events, we highly recommend visiting the website of the City of Tyler Parks & Recreation.

Woldert, 701 W. 32nd St.
Glass Rec. Center, 501 W. 32nd St.
T.R. Griffith, 2930 N. Carter Blvd.
Gassway, W. Martha St.
Emmett Scott, 1710 N. Confederate Ave.
Oak Grove, 1525 N. Carlyle Ave.
Crescent, 1560 Crescent Dr.
City, 200 W. Queen Ave.
Fun Forest, 2000 Forest Ave.
Hillside, 1111 E. Erwin St.
Goodman/LeGrand, 624 N. Broadway Ave.
Windsor Grove, 415 S. Lyons Ave.
Rose Garden, 420 Rose Park Dr.
W.E. Winters, 910 S. Peach Ave.
Herndon Hills, 2802 Brookhollow Dr.
Children's Park, 900 S. Broadway
P.T. Cole, 1001 S. Vine St.
Bergfeld, 1510 S. College Ave.
Golden Road, 2300 McDonald Rd.
Pollard, 710 E. Amherst St.
Noble E. Young, 3125 Seaton St.
Lindsey, 1255 Spur 364 W.
Rose Rudman, 450 Shiloh Rd.
Southside, 455 Shiloh Rd.
Faulkner, 410 W. Cumberland Rd.
Northside Park. 2301 WNW Loop 323